Engine light is on, at Dodge 2000 Grand Caravan and check.s result is PO740 and PO700. What's the meaning and what's next can I do? Is it expensive to fix? How much approximately??

    I just bought this vehicle, I drove it only several miles but suddenly the engine light is on. Already PASS smoke check, so I bought it. Do I better refund it?

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    I've found 2 answers

    the P0700 code is an internal trans controller ,P0740 is torque converter clutch control circuit,replaced your trans controller this should fix both codes if the P0740 does comes back replace your solenoid pack

    P0700 is an information code that tell there is a fault code stored in the trans control module which in your case is P0740. if the cause of the dtc P0740 is corrected then the MIL lamp should go out. further; code P0740 will not cause a limp-in and the trans will still shift up to 4th gear (not 5th, your trans doesn't have it)only the effect is the torque converter lock-up together with the mil lamp illumination. possible causes of the P0740 codes are worn pump bushing and/or failed torque converter. valve body lock-up accumulator out of specs (possible but not likely).

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