How can I get real relief from diabetic neuralgia pains.

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    My husband is diabetic and his doctor gives him Cymbalta, both for anxiety and for neuralgia pain in his feet.

    i also use cymbalta for pain and anxiety, it helps wonders
    I have that and Neurontin (Gabapentin) is the drug my doctor prescribed for me and it works great.
    Headless Man

    Leeroy's right, these pain's are worse when your trying to sleep, not thinking of anything else.
    Your body can only concentrate on the worst pain at one time, I know this because of my back problem, If you smash your finger with a hammer it will take your mind off the lessor pain and onto the worse pain... Just kidding, but the body will usually only recognize the worst pain at one time, that part is true. Laughter is the best medicine they say, Randy and 6 dogs gave you great advice, hope you feel better soon...

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