how much money do i need for gas from florida to north carolina

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    The mileage is 549 miles. Depending on how many miles to the gallon your car gets on straight highway driving, you can figure $3.50 plus a gallon for gas.
    Now that we know that your gas tank is big enough to accept 18 gallons on fill-ups, we know that you're not driving an Austin Mini.
    Ballpark: count on 2, maybe 3 visits at the gas station.
    M.Mouse has a good point make sure you plan your trips timing and departure time. By doing this you can plan to avoid the larger cities at or near rush hour. This will save you time and gas money, the less traffic the better mileage you will have. Hope this helps
    It depends on where you will be leaving Florida and where you will be going in North Carolina. How many miles does your car get per gallon?
    its 713 miles im goin to fayetteville north carolina n my car gets 18 gallons fulling it up

    Look in your owners manual or online to find out your mileage, then we can figure this out. What kind of car do you have make model and year.
    You have a good idea leaving FL, I should follow your example. Maybe I'll split the gas money with you lol, kidding.

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