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    im sorry for my spelling and before you answer,I already know of eve being his first wife. BUT watching a program called banned from the bible:enigmas of the old testament i herd that a women called lilith and adam was made from the dust equal to each other. Adam over time didnt see it that way and began to insist lilith be subserving to him,(lie below me women) he said, she refused. so the resone she was rejected as his wife was cause she insisted in being equal at this point lilith desided at that moment to pronance the devine name 4 letters in hebrew (Gods name) which are never ment to be vocalised or pronanced but when she spoke these words it gave her such great power that she flu away into the heavens 3 angels where sent to bring her back but with no hope when told one hundred of her children would die every day till she comes back, lilith still did not wish to return. so with out lilith adam needed a wife who would submit to him so taken from his rib was one who would (eve).

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    nowear in the bible does it say that adam had a wife before eve , in fact it quite clear that adam and eve were the first humans created


    & besides,Adam & Lilith is a bit harder to get your tongue around.Why do some people want to change everything.

    Lilith was considered Adams first wife. She refused to lie beneath him, being subservent because as we all know, the top position is the position that has the greatest pleasure. Christian men didn't want women to enjoy sex or be the one on top who is in control. Therefore, Lilith left Adam. I'd say Lilith made an excellent choice. Eve came into the picture, became subservent to Adam and was the ONLY one blamed for the transgression in the Garden of Eden. She is blamed for original sin and the reason why humans die. Poor poor Eve, what a scapegoat they made of her.




    Chuckles . . . you must have collected alot of these in your files as well as in your head.


    Lilith comes from one of the Gnostic books, and also from Jewish lore. She was a sexual goddess, probably what we would call a porno star these days, without feelings or needs, just for sexual pleasure for Adam. Adam tried her out for a while and decided he needed something other than just great sex. She eventually became a demonic spirit, that still exists, and is supposedly what possesses homosexuals now.


    Why is it that a woman who is freely sexual is equated with being a "porno star". Sometime in the near future, man has got to realize that women can be sexual without being evil, or there might not be a future! If this entire world does not seeek a more "equal" attitude toward women and continues on it's already downward spiral,I fear that this world will be destroyed by men. Afterall, warfare seems to be thier answer instead of compassion. And as to your answer that Adam wanted something more than just great sex - I'm guessing that you've not experienced great sex yourself! Speaking as a 59 year old woman, great sex is AWESOME!

    Nah! Lilith was Frasiers first wife. You must have got confused when you were channel surfing.


    Tommyh how do I insert a clipart in the add new comment? Can you tell me soon?

    Tommyh, how do you like my devil? My son showed me how to do it!

    Adam, you really set some good example for us. 

    Adam, you didn't need to worry as much in those days.  There were no law schools yet, hence, no attorneys to hit you for alimony.  And since there were no marriage certificates, the women you were with technically were only your girl friends.

    To Tommyh, no one is trying to change anything, just sharing different knowledge than you've been taught. I find it amazing how different and how similar most religions are. Afterall, we have to believe that there is someplace much better than only here. Faith is a wonderful thing, no matter what your faith may be! Bright Blessings.

    Lilith, is alive and well as this dark spirit is dominate in the world of men.

    Lilith, a dark feminine spirit was the personification, a metaphor, for the female side of the Dark One, also a metaphor.

    Adam who, where does he live?

    ...was a virgin when she married.

    When Adam gave in to his emotional nature he was in a sense married to her . . this is not literal, material woman with an earthy body.

    . . . "she" was a state of mind dominate by dark emotions.

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