How do I get a gloss finish on a true hardwood floor?

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    I'm assuming your hardwood floor has no finish on it right now.

    A few layers of Polyurethane will do it.

    * 1

    Stir the container of polyurethane finish; shaking the mix will create air bubbles that show up in the final finish.
    * 2

    Apply polyurethane with a brush or roller, using smooth, even strokes with the grain to avoid marks in the finish.
    * 3

    Allow the finish to dry; this will take about 3 hours depending on the brand.
    * 4

    Add a second coat. Allow the final coat to dry overnight at the least, and up to 3 days before moving furniture or rugs back on the floor.

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    The secret of a good finish is a good start. Confused? well don`t be.
    To get the vey best finish result you must prepare,prepare and then prepare again. Take this as fact from an old cabinet maker french polisher.
    The better the surface you start with the better the finish you will end with.
    Sand the suface using a commercial floor sander with increasingly finer grit on paper. If you want a spectacular finish after the finest grade of commercial floor sand paper you can go over again using a orbital sander.
    Finish as Colleen suggested but I would give minimum of three coats giving a light sand with 600 grit non clogging sand paper on your orbital sander between coats. Allow each coat to throughly dry before next, and for goodness sake get rid of all dust before coating.

    The work is worth the result.
    If it is a true hardwood floor, should it not be sanded first, and wait for the true cracks and creases to show through.
    Then you can work from there.

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