can you take a rental car to rocky point mexico?

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    Some rental car companies do not allow their cars to be driven across the border into Mexico. Some that do allow their cars to be driven across the border, require that you carry special car insurance for American rental cars being driven in Mexico.

    After finding a company that will allow you to drive in Mexico, and possibly having to buy extra car insurance - I imagine if there is a road to Rocky Point, Mexico - you can drive to it.
    Yes 6 dogs speaks the truth, make sure you buy the mexican insurance, you can buy it before you cross the border, which is the best thing to do. Most American insurance co's don't cover you in Mexico. Last time I was there it was about $60.00 a day as I recall, but well worth it if something unexpected happens, and Mexico is know for the unexpected.
    Most Rental companies forbid you from driving "off the road" at any time. This causes under car damage and can be costly.

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