what herbal medications can help with a hyper toddler

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    All toddlers are hyper, herbal medications, may not be the answer.
    My daughter has a boy that can't drink soda pop without being hyper so she got him to drink water and now at 10 he prefers water. Other things effected him also like hotdogs and artificial sweetener.
    Check his diet and experiment with it and see.
    Great answers. I can not add more.
    Remove all sugar from diet first.
    Toddlers are hyper. I don't believe I've seen one who wasn't. It's a wild time for mama. There's tbe sugar stuff and all that and I guess it's true. What I see more and more is working mothers who can't deal with their energetic child when they get home from a long day on the job. Often these parents will get a diagnosis of ADHD and their child will be put on Ritalin or maybe Adderal. I am ADD and managed my life until I was 45! It was difficult to say the least ~ a diagnosis in the 9th grade would have helped me. I don't think little kids should be calmed down with drugs. It's a very controversial
    subject - drop in to the ADHD site if you want to see a real war of ideas. I ran a home daycare for 20 years so I'm well acquainted with toddlers. I had about 12 preschoolers from 8-6.
    I do not blame the parents. I just wish it wasn't so. There's really nothing that can help ADHD except medicine. (Just not for the babies. Babies don't have to stay on schedule or find their glasses.)

    I think there are good answers given to you so far, here are the results of a search I did on your question, maybe it will give you some more ideas?

    My Toddler Is Hyperactive – What Can We Do?
    A hyperactive toddler can be ... Toddler Is Shy – How Can We Help? ... appropriate therapy or medication. One of the best things that you can do for a hyperactive toddler ... - Cached
    Herbal Medicine: Calming Hyper Kids with Herbs
    Calming Hyper Kids with Herbs © ... fructose, there are a number of delicious herbal teas that can ... ** Yoga exercises for children can help relax and center. - Cached
    Hyperactivity Disorder - Natural Supplements for Hyperactive ...
    ... Disorders and Ways to Calm Hyper ... be exacerbated by prescription medications. ... There are also many herbal and homeopathic remedies which can help maintain ... - Cached

    Oh, o.k. thank you!!

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