frost-free fridge cold but not 'frost free'. solutions?

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    Check the manufacturer's website and see if they have any downloadable wiring diagrams. I don't even know what make or model you are talking about. I'd also check with the local distributor to see if you could talk with their service technician. I'm beginning to wonder why the thermostat failed, or more specifically what might have caused the thermostat to fail. Is there a problem with current to the heater? Sounds as though you are just going to have to do a process of elimination.
    Check the seals around the door, and that the door is allowed to close fully as it is supposed to. That's the most common cause of that.

    yep... thought of the seals. They seem ok. I also checked the sensor in the freezer... seems fine I checked the continuity of the heater element... seems good. Is there more than one heater? If I have to, I'll take everything apart, (pain in the butt!). This problem seemed to start a few weeks or so after the thermostat failed and I had to replace it. Could there have been some crud installed as a result of the 'meltdown'?

    Thanx a bunch. That was my next step. I hate buying new stuff when a repair is possible. I love puzzles and this one is entertaining me reasonably well so far. Thanx again!

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