does botox injections work for bruxsom/ nite time tooth grinding

    because of nite time tooth grinding one side of jaw is more developed than has surgested botox injections

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    Hi there,

    Bruxism is a tightening of the TMJ muscles, in particular the masseter muscle.
    As this problem is NOT caused by a lack of Botox it would only be a temporary measure and would not even touch the underlying cause, which, in most cases is a food allergy!
    The most allergenic foods to avoid, are all dairy products, peanuts, food coloring, MSG, and all genetically modified (GM)foods.
    Dairy is the common culprit for adults, as after weaning, (and I am supposing that you are weaned?) we are not supposed to suckle anymore.

    Give this a try!

    Bwana Samara
    Try taking worm medicine. You could have worms. People who have worms, usually grind their teeth at night.

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