If you could be God for a day, what design changes would you make to human beings?

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    maybe change the design of the shoulder so we could pat ourselves on the back... often time we need it , but dont get it!

    Good idea.
    Automatic mouth shut-down function/design after a certain amount of talking.
    I would make everyone healthier, you would look young your whole life and everyone would die on their 90th birthday, that would get rid of the guess work on dieing, minus accidents of course.

    I would also remove the nasty, from people.
    I am with friendindeed, I wouldn't change a thing but if I must .... them I would have place wings on humans so the OPEC wouldn't be screwing with the gas prices
    Remove the portion of the brain that creates hate. Increase the size of the brain that allows us to love.
    This is a hard question to answer ,for me it never occur to ask myself this question,maybe it because I'd would never want to take God place,or maybe I think God knows very well what He is doing,men was giving free will to make his own choice,and this I believe is God plan,so choose carefully.My choice is eternal life.
    I went to my mirror. I took a very long look. I then sat down with a pen and paper to make a list and then I took another long look and decided. I wouldnt change a thing. I look great...a big lol. I will wake up soon and have a proper look
    Allow all thoughts to be known in others. That way, everyone would always know what someone else was truly thinking.

    Oh, hell, why would you want all that noise in your head?
    I would give the people truth of their history, where we can from. Whether from God or Alien or Evolution the truth be told. More lives have been lost, more hatred created due the fact of our ignorance of our true and complete history of the universe and how we fit in it.

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