Would I be correct to assume that in the religion of Karma/Reincarnation that..........?

    .......those who follow this religion are staunchly Pro-Life?

    From what I understand of this belief system the soul created by God travels through many lifetimes and one soul is not allowed to interfere with another. Obviously, killing an unborn soul child would be interfering with another soul which God has placed in that womb. I guess what I am asking is does the god of this religion allow the killing of innocent souls through abortion?

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    Well, that's easy, the Crusaders rampaged through the middle-east killing those who were not Christian. And some Christians on this site, say that killing in the name of God is good.
    What's the difference? Murder is murder in any religion.

    He's gonna deny the crusaders. He doesn't accept them as Christian.

    Haa, haa.
    I've been searching for you know who.

    He's recovering from trying to save people. It's draining work you know ;)
    Pro-life is the side that is trying to
    stop abortion. Pro-choice is the side that is in favor for abortion.Some f.y.i we can believe what we as we believe lets just be nice to each other.You may have the right to follow KARMA but I wish to have the right to follow JESUS one live is sufficient for this one may you have peace. That is all I shall say love to you all

    And you felt you needed to make this speech here, why? The title is all about FoG not understanding reincarnation again. Did it irk you so much that you had to come in and lay down your religion and Jesus too? Well thank the Lord all mighty that you did! Jesus won't forget you now, at least not for today. Carry on Christian soldier.

    Why do you bother to question others beliefs so much? Why do you start these ridiculous threads when you know you're going to argue anything posted if it goes against your beliefs? Stick to your own religion, worry about your own religion, keep your relationship with your God and stop snooping into others relationship with God. You continue to prove to me just how unsettled you are with your own faith. A settled person would not spend the bulk of their time trying to convince themselves that theirs is better. You see a problem with every other religion but yours. We get it. How about you get it now. Do you do this to people you live around too? Do you drive your neighbors nutty questioning their beliefs? Suspiciously peering into their windows to see what they're doing that might go against your beliefs? Whatever people do about abortion is between them and God. Not them, God and FoG. You really have no clue that your process drives people away from your religion, do you? If I were to ever have a fear, I would fear becoming someone like you.

    Greetings Eggplant,

    Murder is murder of course. There are actually Christians who do not see abortion as murder because they try to blur the line between just when an unborn child becomes a soul. But with the religion of reincarnation one believes that the soul is created first by God and then travels throughout time in various life forms, therefore, abortion would be murdering a soul in the religion of reicarnation. Wouldn't you agree?

    Who's God is right, who's God is not right? The idea of religion is a system founded on a "belief" because nobody has ever had the diffinitive word on the subject. Believe in your own system of belief, leave others to thier own belief, don't put others down for their belief and don't prophetize your own religion upon others - it purports an inadequency. All religions are of a divine guidance, leave it at that and the world would be a better place.


    Except there is Jesus, a man claiming to be God's Son and a man who claims He was sennt by the One and only true Father God. Thousands of testimonies given all around the world pointing to Jesus as the healer and giver of life. This same Jesus said that He is the Only Way to heaven and salvation.
    Probably the most important thing to remember in considering this question is, that man has had his hand in the formation of every existing religion there is. Many of which, claim to have been God inspired, and profess to be the path to God. I don't profess or refute anyone's beliefs, but do keep in mind, the possible ramificatioms and impact of man's motives to form the precepts of different religions throughout history. In the progression of time, we often end up with the interpretation of someone's interpretation, similar to a very large circle of people simply stating one phrase or concept starting at one point and going around to evolve into something totally different. If love, compassion, and understanding for one another are the cornerstones of any one belief system, I can at least in part agree with it, for that is the basis of what has brought mankind to interact a little more compassionately with each other. I don't think anyone can argue, that we as individuals are all afforded a certain degree of free will...and we all have a responsibility to act accordingly with love, compassion, and understanding, or pay the consequences at one point or another. Again, I remind you that I am not bashing or promoting any one religion...but, simply state that within the above-mentioned belief system, perhaps karma is in the process of dealing with the perpetrators of abortion. Perhaps it is not anyone's God, who allows the killing of innocent souls through abortion, but more directly it is segments within mankind. Perhaps the blame for such actions are a little misdirected in blaming any one religion's God, and we need to look a little more directly toward who is doing what in a more focused manner.

    Greetings Shoota,

    ....."In the progression of time, we often end up with the interpretation of someone's interpretation, similar to a very large circle of people simply stating one phrase or concept starting at one point and going around to evolve into something totally different."

    How true, this is why the Christian relies upon the written word of God which was handed down unadulterated for thousands of years. THis removes the problem of misinterpretations concerning God and godly living. One only need go to the Bible for the final authority.

    "which was handed down unadulterated for thousands of years. "

    Are you still trying to promote that? Bwaahahahaha!!! *Snicker*. No, I will not prove it, God will prove it and it's coming soon. *Chuckle* Unadulterated...what a joke. Keep those blinders tightly in place lest your whole world collapse FoG.

    FriendofGod, I didn't say that the Council edited the writings of the Bible, I said they edited the Bible, as in what "Writings" that  would be accepted. Therefore, some books ,letters and other writings that were purported to be the word of God were rejected by this council. We all know how committees work in todays day and age, so do you really think it was different back then? History is written by the winners - as they see it and the Bible is a work of thier compilation. What if a differnt Council with different views had been at that council? Would the Bible of today be altered? What if a prophet (or Jesus) appeared today to say that the Council forgot to add certain writings that should not have been dimissed? Man has been around for millions of years and Jesus didn't appear until very recently, what about all the souls before his appearance? Are they lost to your hell because they didn't know Jesus? Do you think a God is so full of hubris that he would condemn souls to hell and then much later send someone to save souls after that? Did your God have a quota, of sorts, that he needed to fill hell with so many souls? I find that difficult to believe or swallow.

    Friend of God, have you ever heard of a little group that met in the 3rd Century called The Council of Nicea? They and they alone edited the Bible. We all know who writes history - the group in control, especially when they kill people who don't believe as they do. Somehow I feel a little uneasy about a group of religious folk who call others heritics and kill - all in the name of God. If that's Christianity, I'll pass thank you very much. I will never shove my religious belief down any one's throat or tell anyone that they were wrong about their beliefs. Being a good human is not being only from one particular religion. One can be a good Jew,a good Christian, a good Muslim, a good Hindu, a good Wiccan or any other religion there is - it's really just that simple!


    Yes, I am familiar with the Councel. Sorry, but they did not edit the Bible. They simply decided which writings they would accept as inspired by God. All of the Bible was written by Prophets and Apostles of God over a span of about 3500 years, no one edited what they wrote.

    I would feel VERY uneasy about any group killing in the name of God. In fact, I would reject them as having anything to do with the true God and Jesus Christ.

    I wouldn't shove my beliefs down anyone's throat either. I will tell those who ask and reply to anything I say just what the Bible says concerning the subject. They are free to disingage at anytime. I don't force anyone to listen.

    Any human being has the capacity to be "good" for we are all made in the image of God. But not one person is without sin and a Holy God cannot dwell with sinners, thus, God sent Jesus to be a sacrifice for sin, to pay the punishment for sin which is death, that all who receive God's attonement in Jesus Christ will be pardoned and made new so they can dwell with God for all of eternity. Those who reject God's washing from sin by Jesus Christ cannot dwell with a Holy God.

    Wow, religion is a very Hot topic, Time I moved on to new topic.


    yes bdolly I think so to! very heavey for me xx

    Greetings witchway, you have quite a few questions, i like it!

    It really doesn't matter what the council back then declared. All of the writings in question are still available for anyone to read and decide for themselves if they are truth. The word of God declares itself, it does not need a counsel to declare it for Him. I do not believe the bible we have today is the word of God because any counsel said so, I believe it because the Spirit of God testifies to me of it's truth within my soul.

    The "millions of years" religion doesn't appeal to me. I look to Jesus Christ and how He lived here on earth and performed miracles no man could do. How He lived without sin and gave answers to tough questions that no man would give. What man would ever teach "bless those who curse you and love your enemies? Do you love your enemies witchway?

    As for hell, God does not want people to go to hell, He loves them all so much that He has provided a way out of their sin against Him. God is Holy and cannot dwell with sinful men, so He sent Jesus to pay the death penalty for sin. God in HIs love and mercy has offered salvation to everyone! If they reject it, what more can He do? If they do not want God's love, should God force them? They have to go somewhere in the end and if they don't want to be with God's love then there is no other choice then for God to let them be seperated from His love forever, that would be hell indeed!

    Good questions witchway! Makes for some good thought.


    The Optic waste basket has, but such a loss to all humankind.

    Although there are many good men in the fundamental systems, Jesus even had a few supporters among the Sanhedrin, but not enough.    it is not to them we address this response but rather, we here refer to the dark fundamentalist, the mind closers; the Inquisitors, who have and do hurt the true cause of us all.  

    Loverof- Crucifying -

    Loverofgod (this tag is most hard to use here) .. , as you are an avocate of crucifying, here after when addressing you I shall refer to you as such, "The Crucifier."  Particularly since you are become a heart and mental Crucifier, by every thought, word and even the very picture in which you present to glorify yourself, on this site.

    Crucifier, oh, ignorant fundamentalist, whose flag you so proudly wave, ever do you think you know what is correct or incorrect, this by your own ignorant, Spiritless, assumptions make you a hypocrite.  Which assumptions only indicate that you know nothing; you don't know anything about what you question, yet you are ready with perconcieved answers and refuteration.

    You don't want an honest answer from anyone who may understand beyond the confinds of your shallow knowledge, nor will you partake of any Spiritual Light offered. For it is impossible for you to understand such.  For Spiritual things are Spiritually descerned. You don't want to come off like you don't actually know everything, "For Spiritual things are Spiritually discerned!".  When you can't transcend it it becomes a Sickness symtomatic of fundamentalism.

    Therefore you are "incorrect'" by applying the word "correct" at anytime about anything, particularly regarding anything truly Spiritual, things you do not understand.  For you are devoid of understanding.  Yet do you ever apply the word "understand" not understanding what understanding actually means.   Infection symtomatic of fundamentalism

     You ignorantly think knowledge is understanding, it isn't.  It is the Light or Spirit in knowledge that the heart and mind may evolve in consciousness.  How can you turn it on if you haven't found the switch yet, which is Love Consciousness, the Christ.  Sickness symtomatic of fundamentalism.

    Your darkness (ignorance) is a testament against you, for as you clearly, openly demonstrate by, trying to glorify youself in our beloved brother Jesus's, suffering on the cross,.  The sacrifice was His alone, not yours.  For you have yet to crucify yourself, that is to  forsake the desire body, the sensual body you so worship; sadly the personality is not the One and Only, you seem to still think it is.  Sickness symtomatic of fundamentalism.

    You are possessed of the dark Spirit of Arrogance, and the illusion of pride, wake up!   Thus anything that "It" assumes it knows is false, for always being based on hearsay.  Traps contrived in both question and answers.  Ever accusing, judging, others of their own faults.  Like they did with Jesus; ever trying to discredit, to demean, to associate, to impose any dark deeds of the world, great or small, upon any person or tradition  which does not agree or think like they do!  Ever accusing, judging any who have transcended their dark mentality.  For they have been left behind.  This is the mind of the Inquisitor .  infection symtomatic of fundamentalism.

    Symtoms would seem to to suggest you just might be one of the dark ones, that is an ignorant bible thumping minister, slinking around this site.   This is an evil eyed (fault finding) creature full of issues, not looking for the Light in the world or in others, but for fault, of which it is the master, having seen so much fault.   Although by this it can no longer see the Good, or God.   Therefore it has nothing uplifting or enlightening to offer, the sounds creature is as of dark ignorant chatter, its looks are as of a horrentus all cosuming Parrot.  Beware.  Sickness symtomatic of fundamentalism. 

    Crucifier, as long as you exercise your zeal of mind and heart, these spiritual muscles to see not but fault in the world and in others, iwill become so strong they will blind you; you will not be able to see nor recognize the Good when it comes even when it stands before you.  Sickness symtomatic of all the infections of the ignorance of fundamentalism, for they knew Him not.

    Crucifier, concerning your intended "Issue" pro-life,  Pro- Life has not to do with squabbles and contrivances that are the issues of men and the world, but with Life Everlasting in the absolute understanding and acceptance of the Christ within, not of flesh/personality but in the recognition of that, Conscious Living Spirit which is awaiting within the hearts of men.



    Witchway -

    Indeed, it was the sub-apostles refered to as the Ante - Nicene Fathers, namely, Irenaeus, Terullian, and HippolytusMany years after the advent of Jesus and His Holy Twelve, it was these sub-apostles who actually gathered together the first viable new Canon in the early A.D. approximately 117 - 138 A.D. during the reign of Hadrian, which eventually became the New Testament.  This was a gathered from a collection of teaching and writings - the very meaning of the word Bible - of some of the original  Apostles and numerous other questionable scriptures.

    These "gathers and copiers" are refered to as the "sub-apostles" among most all of the Christian Mystics and Philosophers of that time, for they were not the original apostles of Jesus.  They were the editors and the refuters, busy compiling all the spiritual works of Jesus that could be found around the ancient world. 

    Therefore this original work or Canon is missing much, and contains great influence of these worldly sub-apostles which is purely objective thus most fundamental.  And it was only with the final approval of Rome that it was allowed to be published.  This approval came from Constantine, a Caesar; a dictator to become first Pope, Thus Rome yet remains to this day, cloaked in the robes of the first Christian Orthodox (fundamental) Church, catholicity was born, and thus the first tiers of the wall of fundamentalistic dogmatism were layed. 

    The New Testament is missing numerous books, to mention just a couple, the Books of the two Marys (The Mother Mary, and Mary Magdaline female apostles were never mentioned) the Books of Philip and James, etc., etc.  The Old Testament missing the Greater and Lessor keys of Soloman; the Sixth and Seventh books of Moses; all of the works of Enoch the first Prophet is only mentioned 3 times not to mention the many fragaments etited out because they were not evolved enough to understand them, all these are refered to the Ophic Books or works (that were tossed in the Optic waste basket.).

    Although the book we have is but a marvelous paste up, it still contains some of the most enlightening teachings the world has ever known, of course for those who are able and can receive or understand their inner, esoteric meanings, once one cracks through the dogmatic wall of fundamentalism.   Self discovery; self awareness is the key, for that is what the teaching are all about, the living Christ within.  Ones own true Lightman.

    Nevertheless, it is thus to this very day orthodox Christians have not to rely on, but to trust in the authority of these sub- apostles.  The blind leading the blind. 



    You have some facts correct Gabalis but your conclusions are incorrect.

    God's Word is not adulterated by God's created. If man has corrupted God's word and His word cannot be certain and sure then that makes man more powerful than God. Either God is able to deliver His word through His prophets and Apostles and KEEP it unadulterated throughout time or God is not God. Those who deny the complete perfection of God's word handed down throughout the centuries deny the very omnipotencey of God.

    No, we non Christians just deny your God, FOG.

    Karmas are deeds, Reincarnation is to be born again. It is believed that with good Karma you break the cycle of being born again ie your soul merges wth the universal soul -GOD. In any religion killing is a sin and only God who gives life can take it back. 

    "" Hi there!


    Indeed this is the fundamentalistic view of the Ruler of Hell they preach about, condemning and damning anyone to everlast fire and pain, who do not think as they do. Judge not lest ye yourselves be judged, sayeth the Christ, thus sadly do they ignorantly condemn themselves.

    Actually, the fundamentalistic view (I should know since I am one) is that Satan was the most beautiful angel God created and to this day transforms himself into an angel of light. When the Antichrist (Satan himself) is revealed to this world in the future he most certainly will not look like your photo. If you have anymore questions eggplant about what fundamentalist actually teach and believe just ask me and I will be glad to give you the facts.

    Reveals himself in the future? No, he's here, he's sitting in the oval office.

    Colleen, what does that mean?!! If you are the moderator you must be neutral,.......and you are not.

    Moderators do not have to be nuetral. they are allowed to participate with their opinions and knowledge. They are here to keep people in line with the rules and topics.

    michmar, the admins moderate me, not the members. FoG is correct, I am still a participating member, I just enforce the rules as a moderator. Thank you FoG.

    Regarding THE CRUCIFIER"S question regarding Reincarnation/Karma.

    Seeing as we already know his contrivances and trickery, just to make issues, we will answer as we are able for the sake of all others who are truly interested.  Let them receive it who can, let them hear it who can.

    These aforementioned FORCES OF NATURE, refered to in this question, have not to do with squabbling traditionalists, fundamentalists, who ignorantly declare themselves to be Religions!  But, these forces have everything to do with GOD's NATURAL LAWS from which all laws have sprung, from the before men, to the presences of men  and into the future with or without men.

    Even Universes naturally come and go, to be reborn again, and again.  What is this arrogance in men to think they personally are not subject to these Divine Laws?  These are God's laws of all Creation, Dimensions, Universes; all created  things, of course this includes man and whether he believes in them or not he is subject to them.

    Ones Spiritual joy or worldly sorrow is the testament to ones understanding of them.  For this is the law applied to men, that they may find themselves in God.  This is the Goal, this is undivided, unsegmented, untraditionalized, RELIGION.  Simple union with the True "Good", which is GOD ALONE.  

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