Do you believe we all come from Africa?

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    scientifically- genetically, speaking i think i heard we all are traced back to a dark skinned ancestor from africa.
    All humans have the same mitochondrial DNA which has been traced back to one woman in Africa about 100,000 years ago.

    That's what they tell us.
    I agree.
    But mum told me i was white yesterday :(
    absolutly not..or we all would be black life began in the mideast.. where all decendendants of noah

    well i do think we all came from the sea!
    but the Noah story just dosen't stick with me.
    Wanna build an ark?

    well you tell me where we all came from.. the ark has already done its job

    do some research your not gonna find the anawers in one or two paragraphs here.. its well lokking into. more importantly you might want to think about where were going..

    CALM DOWN daren1, we may all have come from small organisms, the sea, onto land and bang monkeys.

    either way there is no real answer, is there?
    where we are going is still a mystery and be dealt with the best way we can.

    indeed there is some real answers if you know where to look .if we came from monkeys then how come theyre still here?

    I often ask myself that! Then look to the tons of monkey breeds, and look to the ones that are exctinct.
    I don't believe we came from Africa at all. It's hogwash.

    Don't you mean tarwash?

    Very clever nomdeplume.
    We were all created by God in the beginning of time animals and humans,when God created men it was in his likeness so God did not want to impose his will on us,gave us freedom of choice,so now that we screwed thing up by doing thing wrong and having our own ways,now then we need a savior to clean us up,or to make us well again,but again I say the choice is your,good or evil,choose life.
    Originally, we all came from God in the spirit realm. Our spirits were flushed into the inner realms of the earth when God dispensed with us from His spiritual home during Noah's flood. We are born into this physical life to get restored back to the spiritual realm, again.

    Give me a break!

    You have a point there FF but i don't think you get the full picture of it yet :)

    FF that is taking tommy rot to new height even for your lot.

    It's what the Bible says, once you understand it.
    No! Egypt and Ethiopia were descendants of Ham and Cush. They were fore runners of the Pharoahs which was the first civilisation to dominate the survivers of the flood and of the Tower of Babel from which earths inhabitants had their languages confused. you can follow this thresd through wikipedia or through the bible if you are seriously interested.

    The frightening truth is that we are all decended from the land now known as Iraq between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

    If you need help doing research I will be happy to give references

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