how does one lay tiles

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    you really need to buy a book or go the web site and there are short films on how to this try u-tube or just put Tiles they are really easy you must get plumb line first and tile cutter and away you go good luck

    First you need to get all the tools you'll need to do the job. You'll need a tile cutter, one that scores the tile or a wet saw. You will need a grinder for the small intricate cuts, you will also need a drill with a paddle wheel attachment to mix up you thin set and grout. Get a chalk line and those plastic tile spacers to make sure your grout lines are straight.

    You will have to take a chalk line and make a center cross on the floor in the exact center of the room where you want to start. If you want you can lay the tiles down first to make sure that the cuts you will have to make aren't to difficult, if they are you may not want to start laying the tile in the center of the room you may want to adjust it a little.

    Once you figure out where you want to start mix up the thin set with your paddle in a five gallon bucket, you don't want the thin set to thin or to thick, right in the middle is perfect. Spread the thin set on the ground and place the tile on top. Press down on the tile with medium pressure to get the air out from underneath the tile repeat the process with the next tile using the plastic tile spacers to keep a uniform space between each tile.

    You can lay down the center of the room and come back later to put in the tile that you have to cut. Don't step on the tile until it's completely dry, so make sure you don't box yourself in a room. You also may have to use more mud in certain areas because the floors aren't ever level and you want your floor as level as possible. You may want to take off your baseboards, but it's much easier to work around them by leaving them on. I hope this helps, it took a long time to type it out. Good luck with your project.


    well said Leeroy

    It's really not that difficult once you get the hang of it. Home Depot has free classes on the weekends that you can attend to learn the tricks of the trade. Good luck with your project.


    home depot ,is a bit far from me ill try B,andQ,or Homebase,

    I'm sure if you did a google search you could find a instructional video.

    Very carefully!!

    To mix the grout, add water into it, stir it around, and be one efficient MORTAR FORKER!

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