our dog has a mass pressing againest her brain what can be done for her please

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    My heart goes out to you I know it is very hard to come to terms in what you are going through as peoplelove commented take your take your dog to someone who specialise in this you and your dog are in my heart and in my preyers x
    of course see a vet that specialized in this type of case. However, dont be surpised if there is nothing they can do. We had to put down our amazing German Shepard for similar reasons. He was in so much pain and confussion. It would have been heartless to continue treatment. My thoughta are with you. I am trully sorry you are having this battle.
    Animals are a gift. They love us inconditionally. and sometimes we have to make difficult decicions because we love them that much and we cant let them suffer. I feel for you and your Dog.
    I will keep you in my prayers.

    you are so right Ann Animals are a gift we love them and protect them as best we can i love all Animals so much it hurts I was driving yesterday and I saw a guy carring a Deer into his van he had hit it and my heart went out for Deer and the Guy as he was crying I felt so sorry for both of them this poor man will carry this guilt with him for along time and it wasnt his fault some times life is just not fair mel

    I too feel sorry for this man and the deer. Had it happend to me, I would have had a nervous breakdown.
    no, life is not fair.
    One of my best friends recently lost her beautiful white German Sheppard. The vet gave her a prescription for doggy pain relievers, my friend said that they seemed to help the dogs mood quite a bit. Sorry to hear about your dog. Hope this may help?
    As hard as it is to hear, most brain tumors are not removable even by the best vets. There are just too many things that can go wrong when this type of surgery is done. It is very easy to get the tumor but in the process of taking it out, the eyes can suffer damage so that the dog will go blind, it can cause issues with balance so that the dog might not be able to walk again. I'm sure there are other things beyond these. It is best to let the dog go to sleep and be at peace and not in pain any longer.

    Hi 6dogs we lost our cat to a brain tumor we didnt know at the time he had one he kept having fits and they still couldnt diagnose it wasnt till he had blown both his eyes and went blind and then he his it so good for at least a couple of days before we noticed he was blind and we did the kindest thing to put him to sleep his name was Rupert "hence the name "
    he was a such a characture a couple of instances if my freinds went to the loo he would open the door and pin them on the loo everyone was so scared of him he came to us when he was a day old and I was his mum including cleaning his bum that was only a year ago but it nice to remember the funny things that he used to get up to he died at the age of 15yrs god bless him mel
    Woodie I had a Rottweiler who had a lession on the brain and after much investigation it was decided to best was to put her to sleep.
    I had her to the veterinarian unit at The University of Queensland to no avail.
    Then one vet contacted a woman at The Univerity of NSW who was a acclaimed animal doctor.
    She advised massive steroid treatment for about two weeks.
    My girl survived until 10-1/2 yrs old
    Take your dog to a top vet money is no object for your companion, well it wasn`t for me, in the time I had my Rottie there would have been over 10 thousand dollars spent on her. Worth every cent.

    Thank you for your message of hope PL, unfortunately most of us don't have that kind of money to spend on saving our pets. It is kinder for the pet to be free from pain. It is harder for us to accept that fate than it is for the animal. We have to live on and wonder if we did the right thing.

    I know what you mean 6dogs, I had to get my beautiful girl put to sleep at 10 1/2 due to cancer in the right shoulder. The vet said she only had a 50/50 chance of surviving the op so the hardest decision I ever made was for her not me. That was 11 ys ago and I choke up as I type this. Dogs best thing since sliced bread.
    VET :)
    smack his nose and put him in a cage in a different room

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