Can a birds broken wing heal on its own?

    There is a pigeon in my garden with a broken wing, will it heal? Or should I call the RSPB

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    In most cases, you are directed to leave wildlife alone!  This animal is part of nature, and as such, will become part of the food chain.  If you fix it, the bird will be stressed just by being handled and that syndrome, called "capture myopathy" could kill it.  Leave it alone, if it is meant to heal, it will.  Check with local wildlife authorities, and I will bet they tell you same... 

    call the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals ... or perhaps it's rspb? (don't know that)
    sorry. good luck.
    Yes they can, but often wrongly and flight becomming impossible. Yes call the RSPB for advise. Most areas of the UK are covered by local Reps that will advise you. Good luck & let us all know how you get on.


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