when is best time to get pregnant

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    When you're in a strong stable marriage, own your home and can well afford to provide for a child.

    Women generally ovulate about two weeks into their menstrual cycle. Therefore, if you have a normal twenty-eight day cycle, the best time to get pregnant is on the fourteenth to sixteenth days of your cycle.

    If you want a better picture of when your best chances of conceiving are, you may want to purchase a basal thermometer. Your basal temperature will go up about one half to one and one half degrees when you ovulate. You may also notice as you start monitoring your cycles more closely that you actually cramp a bit when the egg drops, letting you know immediately that the timing is right. You can also tell by testing the elasticity of vaginal fluids. Your doctor can give you more information on tracking your fertility using any of these methods.

    You can, of course, go really high tech and be absolutely certain of the best time to get pregnant by purchasing an ovulation kit. These kits come with everything you need to determine when you’re ovulating. These kits take all the guesswork out of the equation, and allow you to get pregnant much faster than by guesswork alone.

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