how can you clean your microfiber coutch

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    Use a lint trapper (the sticky ones that pull lint from material) about once a week. If you have cats or dogs in your home, you might want to do this as often as once a day. A lint trapper will take off any lint, dust or fur without damaging the microfiber on your sofa. It will also keep it looking new and colorful.
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    Vacuum your microfiber sofa about once every one or two weeks. Unlike a lint trapper, a vacuum can get in between and under the cushions. Take all the cushions and pillows off your microfiber sofa and vacuum everything separately. Use a furniture attachment to help get everything up.
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    Clean up any spills on you microfiber sofa immediately. Use a warm, damp piece of terrycloth and a drop of mild detergent. Dab the spill gently. Do not scrub it. Allow it to dry completely before using your sofa again. The spill should come up easily without you needing to do anything else.
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    Clean pet-urine stains off your microfiber sofa with a bit of white vinegar and distilled water. Blot with this mixture. Apply some baking soda while it is still damp and vacuum thoroughly. It should clean the stain and eliminate the odor.
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    Hire a professional furniture cleaner to steam-clean your microfiber sofa once a year in order to maintain its appearance. Find a local furniture cleaner with a good reputation.

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    Glad you answered that Colleen, I missread it as "crotch" and had all sorts of fantastic ideas how to clean you crotch with a microfibre clothxx

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