Colleen, thank you only one last Question. What are magnets made of , how are they made and how long do they Last? Thank You so very much, and when this invention works you will know who I"am so don't be afraid to let me know who you are . I owe You. God Bless!!!!! John

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    Magnets are made by running a eletric circle charge through, normaly steel.
    If you could see the stucture of a steel bar It would have all the atoms willy nilly all out of alignment. Imagine a box of loose nails, the nails go every which way.
    NOW, run a "collar" of electricity along the box.
    In the case of the iron bar the electricity makes the atoms line up in a straight line so now your nails are all pointing the one way, the heads are all facing north the points all facing south.
    The iron bar is now magnetised so facing north south through magnetic attraction. (Polarity)

    If you want to make a temporary magnet get a magnet and rub it along a piece of steel from one end to the other, then lift the magnet off and repeat several times. This will align the atoms north south.(Polarity)
    Don`t rub back and forwards as all you do is disarrange the atoms
    Magnets can last for years, never drop or hit a magnet, the sudden shock can knock the atoms out of their north south alignment.(Polarity)

    Thanks PL. I had a lot going on earlier so didn't take time to research. Was going on memory from junior school. Too many years ago now, lol

    Hi hunny bun, I did not ,repeat not look that up I knew it all from my attendance at the school of "Hard KnockS"
    Seriously I was taught all that in science at High School I must admit I was the dux of my school in science, loved it.
    The info is from 1943 in my 79 year old brain. Now What was the question again?????
    Science is good Memory? so so.
    I believe magnets are made by using certain alloys (metals) and adding electricity to them. Then cooling them in liquid helium. As for how long magnets last, depending on the alloy used, they can last from years to decades.
    Hi Panda lodestone is a natural occuring magnetic stone. It was the forerunner of the compass. Apparently it had very little weight and floated on water and pointed magnetic north south.

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