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    what other material besides lead, that is thin can stops magnets from being attracted?

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    Two magnets set to oppose the other, do not attract. The question is valid and there are answers. Magnetic energy repels some materials. Super conductors float above a magnetic field. Water is repelled by strong magnets. Some forms of graphite floats in the air above a magnet and some forms of rust is repelled by magnets. Rust is iron oxide. As a hobby, I produce this odd rust that is repelled by magnets for applications that are technically interesting.
    Magnets will send their "waves" through many materials including wood.
    Ask a electrician how to feed a lead in side a narrow gap and the chances ae he will say . Get length of string .tie a steel nail to to it, place it in the cavity then run a magnet along the face of the covering of the cavity.
    The magnet will pull the nail through and susequently the string attached to it.
    At the desired spot bring the nail out, tie the electric lead to far end of string. IE the end away from the nail. now pull the nail,string and cord through cavity.
    I have done this successfuly a number of times.
    I know because I knew the soldier.

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