i used to love to paint. i just stopped one day. any ideas of how to go back to work that i loved.

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    i painted little tiny dots on things. some call it pointillism. i called it lotsadotsa. (it was a hobby)

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    Sounds like you need inspiration. That means changing your life a bit. You're in a rut doing the same ol, same ol. Get out and do something different, something you love to do or see. Find something that you feel good, feel happy. This should help you to get your creativity flowing again.
    I've been there all artists probably have at one point or another, what I've found that works for me is to set everything up that you need or want to paint and then jam your favorite music loud. Usually this will get you going. Hope this helps?
    colleen, leeroy -- i've read what you've written. i needed to SEE something. advice, i guess. i do know these things but seeing them in print just for me helps. we'll see what happens. i think i want to paint some dolls.
    music helps. fifteen years ago i completely wore out the counting crows -- august and everything after. i actually stopped about four years ago. i want to get back. i was very happy when i did that.

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