where so i report virus attached to a UPS and DHL and USPS

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    corruption knows no boundries
    Are you asking about virus's attached to their websites? I highly doubt the 3 have viruses.

    Customer service UPS 800-333-7400

    Customer service 1-800-225-5345

    Customer service 1-800-ASK-USPS
    Sometimes if you do a hard shutdown the problem will go. Many of these so called viruses are unscrupulus persons that wan't you to buy a fix from them. Sorted one out for my daughter's computer just today.

    Maz, i don't know how to do a hard shutdown. actually never heard that term before. can you fill me in?

    No problem. On your laptop push down the on/off button an keep depressed for around 5 seconds. Then turn on with the same on/off button. You will then asked if you wan't to start in safe mode. On some comps you can hit the f8 button. Sometimes when a so called "fake" virus is prompted it does fix, and rid the problem. Often it will say your hard drive is corrupted and they offer you a fix at a price. Often people panic and part with cash.
    It can be a problem. I live in the UK and recieve many phishing mails from "UPS". Even if they are reported they just keep sending from different mail addresses. Good anti virus software normaly picks them up. AVG free download is good.

    i thought i had "good" anti-virus, but that's the first thing they targeted.
    thank you for the numbers Coleen
    oh, no, not the web sites, i got them in an email. i opened the UPS one and within 10 seconds my computer was telling me that my hard drive was being corrupted. cost me a bundle to get it out and lost a lot of data. i opened it because i thought it was a parcel from e-bay, otherwise i never would have. sorry for not clarifying.


    OK. Maz gave you a really good answer. I would have told you the same had I understood your question. :)

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