What does your partner think about you on this site????

    Hubby just doesn't understand my addiction... LOL
    By the way I accidently deleted some notifiations.. SO it you need a responce play ask again (differnt threads)

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    What does my partner think about this site?  LOL, I wouldn't have my partner if it wasn't for this site. 


    country bumpkin


    At first  he was jealous but now days, he just sighs and suggests stupid questions to ask…….

    She gets pissed because the laptop is in my shop on the bench and the keyboard is always greasy from my typing while working on my engines. I have a thin plastic sheet over it but it still gets dirty. We have two PC's in the house but she prefers "My laptop". Oh well life's a bitch. She hasn't said anything about time spent on it, so I guess she's cool with it.
    Sandy and I share our Mac and I’m on at noon and after dinner. She is on in the mornings and afternoon. She also has a Kindle and reads a lot of books on that. I do yard work, shopping an out door work when she is on. Sandy takes on line art courses while I work. Besides AKAQA I also do technical research in chemistry and physics that is for my interest in the historical development of these fields of science.

    Sounds like it is time for another mac.. Jk You guys sound like the perfect couple.

    Life here is an experience that we have to work at to get all the experience possible while going through it. We both love diversity and routines that get the maintenance issues out of the way so we have more time for our varied interests.
    My hubby does not mind me using this site, because while Im busy, he chatting up females on line on his pc.

    Bahahaha.. you are very understanding

    I love quiet life Jenn.

    I am with you!

    Can you teach my wife the secret of your understanding? :)

    When hubby is on line, I know where he is, lol
    My wife gets piss because she says I am addict to this site and cannot understand why I love it so much and when I tell her that you guys are like family she rolls hers eyes and walks away. Oh well

    FUnny.. after I posted this questio my hubby and son asked why I like answering ppl I dont knows dumb ass question... I told them someone needs to... ANd I love my dumb ass buddies.

    Cool ! Thank you Jenn and tu to you for your good question.
    As long as he has something to eats when he wants it. If he needs me for something I'm there, we have no problems. Sometimes he likes his space, likewise with me.

    I enjoy my aka me time...

    likewise :-)
    what she dont know will hurt

    And I still see the same thing when I think of you... You never disappiont..... LOL. OXOXO

    love you too

    WHats not to love???

    my avitar
    Who cares? If he did care, I'd still use it anyway.
    My wife does not know about this site and she wouldn't care. We both have our own laptops. She is not interested in any "headache", and she would rather watch a soup opera or go on Facebook.

    I didnt mean to emply that we are hiding anything... I ask hubby's advoce on this questions all the time... I guess I love the headaches and soap operas
    The computer and the time is mine, I just let him buy it for me and use it once in a while. lol :)

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