Have you seen the current stats for akaQA?

    Current akaQA stats

    28,420 questions, 64,071 answers, 23,286 users <<<

    We have 23286 users and the same handful of people giving answers. Can you imagine if even 500 of the 23K took time to help answer questions?

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    Are you a developer of this site? You mentioned you are a mediator. How did that happen and who can do it?



    I'm a moderator. I am not one of the developers. That would be the admins. They selected me to moderate. I just remove offensive comments/questions and suspend, if necessary, people who are not serious users of the forum. I also make a report list for the developers concerning issues with the site along with sending in suggestions I see the members make while chatting here.

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    I think maybe they should make a limit of how many questions answered before they call someone a member here.


    or perhaps the quality of the questions...oopps i guess id be all done
    if you going to ask a question,you should at least acknowledge the answer.. if you give an anawer at least show some appreaction! how many of these users just like to toot their own horn

    Answer acknowledged! ;)
    Colleen thanks for the heads up.
    Looks like the Pareito priciple is alive and well.
    Pareito( par- ray -toe) was a mathametician who discovered the 80/20 rule.
    20% of the people have 80% of the money. 20% of people in any organisation do 80% of the work, 80% of the people live on 20% of the land. etc etc.
    I have been involved with sporting clubs,mainly tennis, and we had the same few hands up all the time.

    I hope I am doing my bit, I admit to being a wee bit faceitous sometimes but others I am sure are helped. Be nice if more acknowledged answers. Cheersxx

    Hello There, PeopleLove
    Interesting stats.
    I consider myself a member. I can't wait to get on and check for a new question or an answer to one of my questions. I get a kick from giving and receiving Karma.

    Thanks for the stats Colleen and the other work you do too as mediator. That must be fun.


    Fun? Hmmm, it's a responsibility I take seriously but I'm not sure I would say it's fun. I have fun answering questions and interacting with the fun people here ;)
    I don't think that many do answers do they?

    15 or 20 by my mental calculation in trying to remember all the names I see answering here.
    I think alot od the "members" come on ,asked a quesyion, and never returned...

    I think you could be correct.
    Headless Man

    I think a lot ask a question and never come back, or get there answer somewhere else.
    Well just for kicks, 1 Karma point for you!!

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