Have you ever writen poetry? If so please share it with us

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    I love to write simple poetry to encourage others

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    This was for a an elderly Aunt who was in Hospital

    In His time
    You are there for a purpose and are in His Will
    On earth for a long time and He’s using you still
    Lift up you head in praise for blessings each day
    Your tired, frustrated but at least you can pray
    For all those around you who are blind and lost
    Through you they may see Him and not pay the cost
    You may not notice but they can’t help but see
    In your heart you have someone; they think ‘who can it be’
    It’s not over yet for your now in the right place
    In your life they will see him and learn of His Grace
    At this time you feel weak but in Him you are strong
    He will carry you through this; you’ll be home before long
    So while you are there please smile each new day
    Your family all love you and for healing we pray

    Lovely! TY for sharing.

    Very nice!!! :)
    I've posted this before but it is the only thing I've ever written:

    Up in the morning
    try to stand
    Feet are in pain
    give me a hand

    Now I bow my head
    and thank GOD
    for the feet I have
    and the strength to trod

    WE all get old
    and pain is not odd
    but as long as I live
    I'll stand for GOD.

    Every time I have a pain
    i stop and pray
    Lord give me the strength
    for another day

    Because those that are lost
    still need my prayer
    for all my family
    and those that are not heirs


    Thanks Randy. This will go in my collection
    Momma don't hit little Buford
    Momma don't pound on his head
    momma don't hit little Buford
    we think you should shoot him instead.


    can you explain why this type of thinking

    Yes of course i can-- I like humor! Humao belongs in all our lives, we can't run around depressed and bringing people down around you.. I think your poem is beautiful for your aunt, and i am sure we all appreciate your sharing but this is a wide open forum with many different views, likes and dislikes. when you post something here or anywhere, it does not mean that it is totally limited to your way of thinking. so, I posted my way of thinking.. Humor is for everyone! Depression should be for no one.. smile, be happy and hopefully, if your aunt is still with you, go to that hospital and give her my little poem too, I think she'll give you a smile.. have a great happy smiling day...


    Vinny... If you look at most of my answers you will see I love humor as well.I got you wrong. I thought Humao was the name of a person. Silly me. TU to you

    oops! Typo!! I know you are a humorous person, Thats why I posted a little humor.. :)

    thank you friendindeed

    thanks pythonlover

    this is what i say to my girl,everyday
    I have written peotry my whole life.. The suject matter seems to go in cycles with my life... After I have dealt with my feelings I burn my books... It is about every two years... Sorry I dont have any to share.. But I love the question.

    Go on Jenn. Do another for me. ahhh
    roses are red ,violets are blue,my life is perfect,just being with you
    Here on the Harbour Bridge I stand,
    A sprig of wattle in my hand
    An emblem of my native land---Australia,
    Whacko blue you beaut.

    Have no worry,
    Have no sweat,
    The way ain`t sunny
    But we will get there yet.
    My bonney lies over the ocean
    My bonnie lies over the sea,
    My daddy leaned over my mummy
    And that`s how mummy got me.

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