This Question Is a Matter of Life or Death!

    How can I get more answers/views on my questions?

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    Ask a proper question.

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    Suggestion, do not post questions that have already been asked. I see two of your questions are titled Earthquake. I believe there is already a few threads here concerning Earthquakes. When you're creating a topic title for your question such as Earthquake, you will see a drop down box appear with existing topics that have earthquake in their title. You will be able to see how many threads are already open concerning that topic. Try clicking on them to see if they answer your question. Secondly, try to make your title interesting. I see you have another topic title Easter Bunny. I am 49 yrs old and have no interest in the Easter Bunny lol. Had you titled it Easter Bunny Tracker, I probably would have checked the thread and seen you needed it. I would have searched it out right away for you. Like I've done now :

    Welcome to the forum : )



    Thanks Rushie but I fear I may have been too late to help this one with their matter of life and death as they've not been back.

    : (

    (humor) lol



    Thanks PL lol but I don't believe you ; )


    Colleen I was no where as smart as you at 49, in fact I may not be as smart as you now and I am 79.


    well said Colleen

    Write more questions. Some get answers. Some don't.

    every one is going to die get used to it

    What makes this a life or death situation???????

    Ask better questions.

    shame shame i put on my flashing lights to come and answer this question and i have now missed my coffee break opppssss i see another emergancy

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