my Toshiba Satellite laptop usb ports dont work

    the computer does not recognize the usb ports - not for a mouse, ipad connection or memory stick. HELP

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    I believe the problem with notebooks freezing when you insert a USB device is not software, driver, or firmware related. I believe there is a hardware problem . Specifically, I believe it is a grounding problem and that the notebook is sensitive to static electricity. Thus, a notebook may work fine in a humid climate - but not in a dry climate.

    I had a similar problem and i realized that I could insert devices all day long if I stood perfectly still and wore a wrist grounding strap. But, if I walked across (a carpeted) room to get a USB device and then inserted the USB device, the notebook would freeze as usual.

    People have theorized that moving the mouse before inserting a USB device has solved their problem. If so, I suggest they were simply discharging static electricity from their body before touching the USB slot.

    I suggest you should take your notebook to the service station and get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

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    First try unplugging (and removing the battery on a laptop), press the power button for five seconds. Leave it for two minutes and try the USB again.

    If that doesn't work...

    Restart in Safe Mode*

    Open Device Manager, click Start, and then click Control Panel. Double-click System. On the Hardware tab, click Device Manager.

    Double click Universal Serial Bus Controllers/USB Root Hubs. Right click each instance underneath and uninstall the drivers. Don't worry, Windows will re-build them.
    Restart normally and try again.

    *Note: On start up (before Windows loads) keep tapping either F5 or F8 (be aware that some manufacturers use F8 for system recovery!) then use arrow keys to highlight 'Safe Mode with networking' and hit Enter/Return, click on a user account, enter the Administrator password (if you don't know it, there probably isn't one so leave it blank) and hit Enter/Return.

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