I cant use internet, it says I am offline although I haven't changed anything. It tells me to access tools and uncheck work offline. How do I do this / I have tried without success

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    I don't run vista , so I'm not exactly sure if the Device Manager has been moved or not... But in WindowsXP this is what you do, it may apply to Vista also...

    Right click on MyComputer or Computer?
    Chose Properties
    Go to the Hardware (tab)
    Click the Device Manager button

    Scroll down the list for your "Network Adapter" and expand that topic open so that you can see the actual name of your Network Adapter. Highlight the Network adapter and double click it or right click on it and chose Properties.

    Go to the Power Management (tab)
    Remove the Check mark out of the box that says...

    "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

    Click the OK button and restart the computer.

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