how do you kiss

    i want to kiss someone i want to kiss my boyfriend but wev only been dating for 2 weeks and i havent seen him sence the last day of school and by the way i am 12 and im in 5th grade

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    You're only 12 years old. You're too young to be dating especially when you don't even know what a date is. Does your boyfriend pick you up in his car and take you to a nice restaurant or to the movies or someplace you both enjoy just to talk to you to get to know you? That is dating. How much do you and this boy have in common other than the shared wonderment of how to kiss? Do your parents know you are considering becoming sexually active? Because that's what kissing leads to. Are you ready to be a mommy at 12 or 13?
    im not one to tell....enjoy you child hood it dont last long!1
    Find a friendly dog and practice on it. Dogs love kissing people.
    Just make sure it's not a bitting dog.

    LOL Randy! Watch out! If she takes your advice , she might progress into doing "you know what" like the idiot here yesterday asking if it was OK to do "you know what" with his dog.

    Lol, that's a good one, Randy!
    Headless Man

    Glad you realize that, thats good.

    First warning Punkadoo. If you can't handle the answers, then do not post questions. Insulting the senior members here will get you suspended fast.

    HA HA , Randy YOU are HILARIOUS !!!!!!!
    Headless Man

    No, Colleen she was right that was a stupid response to her and she knew that, so she learned something, don't take bad advice use your brain.

    Then she can say, stupid advice, not "your stupid" because you are not stupid. She also should learn how to use the correct "you're".
    Headless Man

    So true.......

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