are all dictatorships totalitarian or authoritarian

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    One of the main differences between totalitarianism and authoritarianism forms of regime is that in the totalitarianism form of regime the dictator enjoys the charisma about him in the minds of the people. He does not impose fear in the minds of those that oppose him. On the other hand the dictator creates a sense of fear in the minds of those that oppose him in the authoritarianism form of regime. He rewards such of those who show loyalty towards him and his leadership.

    Yes. By definition, a dictatorship is an authoritarian regime. Can you think of an exception ?

    What about Castro, he is loved by millions of Cubans.? I know he is also feared though. So maybe there is a combo with some leaders?

    Yes, he is admired by many Cubans. But the Cuban government IS BOTH a dictatorship AND authoritarian.

    @digger - What about North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-il. Can you think of an exception?

    Totalitarian and Authoritarian dictatorships are synonymous. Some political scientists find minor nuances between the two but they both share similar common features that make them indistinguishable.
    All dictators refute vocal opposition. Some do so by throwing opponents in jail while others eliminate them altogether.
    Some dictators are considered more tyrannical than others but they all impose and enforce their political power and will upon the citizenry.
    Propaganda, nepotism and political patronage ensures a healthy stable of regime supporters.
    North Korea is no exception. Many N. Koreans admire Kim for standing up against the "corrupt imperialists"

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