Would you like to live without religions?

    Think about it

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    For me, Life Without God is unthinkable!

    I think religion and God are two separate things. One can believe in God but not follow a religion.

    Religion has a different idea of what it is, but, my faith is in God :-)

    I'm really not trying to argue what you say here. I'm just curious how you answer the question? Would you like to live without religion? Thinking in terms of since you believe in God, was it religion that made you believe and keeps you believing?

    Yes, I'm picking your brain, LOL

    We're having a great dialogue...I think I need it, my thoughts and words are clashing...

    To answer your question above: No. Religion is not my reason for believing!
    The church I go to doesn't consider themselves to be affiliated with any (one religion). They are called non denominational, if your point is that religion can be a bad thing yes many people would agree with you.

    The funny thing is (the very same people you may consider religious, would agree with you). The truth is some religions aren't a good thing. The other part of that truth is that,"Most of them are good." TMO
    There's a purpose for all religions. Some people need a religion to follow. Some religious churches are good and teach love as they should. People know God best when they at least get introduced to Him through instruction and teachings. I believe that any religion that teaches love of others and of God is a good religion, no matter what they call God.

    I believe no matter what name we choose to call God, He loves all of us, whatever someone believe or how they choose to worship...
    After responding to Yvonne and her mentioning that religion teaches morals, boundaries and right from wrong, I had this question or wondering.....

    I wonder how many people in prison where brought up with religion and a belief in God and how many in prison were not.

    What do you think?
    Headless Man

    I would say most knew of a religion but rejected it.

    I do not believe they are atheist however just because they rejected the teachings (I know you didn't say that). I'm pretty sure the majority go back to praying and believing once they land in prison. I think I'll have to research this. I'm almost betting there are more believers than non believers in prison. My point is, even non believers can and do have guidelines to live life through showing that even without religion, people can learn good things.
    There are numerous religions in the world today, most of which preach "Peace". Just look at how F**ked up the world is anyway. Can you imagine no religion at all, I can't. We'd be eating our children. You gotta believe in a higher power.
    Life without religions would be great but life without God would be hell.
    No, I would not like to live without religion. I don't think there would be any morals or boundaries of good and bad, right or wrong.


    I can't agree with some of what you say. I know plenty of atheists who live with very good sets of morals,live within boundaries and know right from wrong. The ones I know do not infringe on other's personal beliefs. I feel some religions cross boundaries when they actively promote their beliefs to what they view as a non believer and cast judgment on the non believer. Yes, it is casting judgment when one views another and decides they need saving and then tries to scare that person into believing with the threat of hell. I will say this forever, hell belongs only to those who believe in it.


    This has been very though provoking. It's good to see others get involved in this powerful subject. Colleen, you asked if prisoners were brought up with religion. I would have to say yes, I think so. I think some just got lost along the way. I also think others were born just plain evil or had such great evil put upon them, they know no difference. I also think God put them there so they would eventually see the light and come to Him.

    I had great evil put upon me as a child, yet I did not turn to evil as an adult. If anything I chose the complete opposite path.
    For me as a musician, I consider religion is vital to my spiritual work which religion and arts have in common. The development of western music is not only closely related to human feelings, but also religious spirit.
    "freedom is the distance between church and state". your going to be governed by one or the other or both!.. religion can be any thing thats one i know worships the goverment,yet they set the law, the us constition was based on biblical no, without religion and moral guidlines we would have much greater caos than we do now!

    Yes, you want to believe that, don't you. The Constitution was based on GOD principles with not set religious beliefs governing those principles. Christianity is not the only religion with morals. It's just the only one that believes Jesus is God.

    would you rather live under sharia law?

    That has nothing to do with anything. We do not live under biblical laws no matter how much you think we do. We do not live under any religious laws. Do you live as a Puritan? Most all of our founding fathers followed Puritan beliefs. Thank goodness we do not have to live those beliefs as laws of this country.

    "christanity is not the only religion with morals"
    sharia law has a higher set of morals!
    Why not? If you don't know God concept,you can't create a God so you don't need to think about God?

    That's probably why you are so down, man. Truth is if you were raised on an island by monkeys, (which may be the case), no offense if you were. Part of the human condition is exploration and to basically ask this one important question.

    Why, or maybe what's the purpose of life? We all have this born into our conscience, this is why we search for God or in some cases, run away from God. So I couldn't agree with your comment, or answer, sorry... TMO

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