are there any pills you can take if your memory brain misses sume

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    You should see your doctor about issues with your memory brain. Depending on age, it could be the start of Alzheimer.

    Forgetting names is the start? I'm 58.
    Yes, there's medicine to help with that. I can't remember NAMES and I worry about Altzheimers. Do you? I'm not ready for a test ~ too scary.
    Bacopa monnieri is said to help memory problems. Google for suppliers,
    Some say statins help, though they don't help spelling unfortunately.
    the best thyng o cun tink uv is.....o kryap i frgit!

    gingko allegedly

    Yes, I am taking a medication to boost my memory.  But I have forgotten its name.


    Get the bottle and share the name OK? What was your first sign that you were having trouble?

    Where did I put my bottle? I will let you know when I find it. The first sign was I could not tell how much money I had in my bank.

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