what can I do to stop my bulldog from being agressive when someone comes to visit

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    I would take notes from the dog whisperer when going to the door keep calm very calm as your dog is picking this up you are getting tenced on thinking oh the dogs going to bark or worse bite some one so keep calm and think possitive thoughts and make him sit away from the door and i would have plenty of trials of these procedure, and tell any one who visits never to look at the dog never"as the dog will think this is threat" and compleatly ignor the dog at all times if the guest is sitting down the dog will want to smell the person if you think this ok let him smell but dont let the guest stroke the un til the dog is ready and you if this is too much to dijest see a dog trainer that should work you have to remember he is only doing his job gaurding you as he thinks you are in his pack and it sounds to me that you are bottom off the pack, You must be the pack leader not the dog and this dose not mean beating the dog to become pack laeder I know you would not do that, but I must piont this out good luck mel
    Obedience school, or you could try training him yourself there are tons of books on how to train your dog. But you should do it the right way for the sake of the dog. Pet Smart has classes on dog training, but I'm not sure how much they cost.
    You can always put him in his crate until the company is gone, but that's avoiding the issue. He needs to learn to sit and stay, then ignore the company while they are there.

    You do need to let him know you are the boss and he has no choice but to do as you say. You didn't mention if he has been neutered, since this is sometimes the issue behind aggression. You should take care of that issue as soon as possible.

    good comment on the neutereing 6dogs mel
    call on the dog whisperer...what a treat that would be to have him show up to help.

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