Again Why Do I Put Myself Through This

    2 years ago i dated a guy 7 months didnt work so we broke up didnt talk awhile then started i went though alot personal promblems when with him and he was there.Now i have 2 kids and a bf and he has a child and a gf.We always go back to one other wanting sex or to talk we may go a month or 2 without talking but when things get to be normal he comes back in my life. Why can i let him go? i see other exs and i said Hi thats it it dont stays with me like when i talk to the other one. So why cant i just let him go? I dont Love him.
    I know i ask this Question but i messed up and picked a wrong approved answer and i want to add on.
    He had just told me he loved me but i dont love him as much as i do my bf.i want to just move on but we been though things i dont know if i can just leave him in my past all together.i just dont know how to deal with it.if we dont talk awhile i see him and the past comes hurts to think i never see him or talk to him.evryone thinks there are kids invoid so move on and i know i think of the kids that what makes it hard.

    Dont judge me...I know how it sounds .We are just talking.It is just hard.

    And Mom on here u answer before u was helpful most so far

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    Hello again Sweet21. I see your still tormenting yourself with this man. I am beginning to think you two just might have a past life connection that continues to draw you both together until the closure you need is done. I have a past friend that comes in and out of my life as well but I have kept my distance because I am in love with my boyfriend. He too tells me he loves me but I stand strong to him that I am in a relationship that I am happy in.I have had to let go of any fear that I may lose him because I love him enough to hope he finds happiness in his life like I have in mine. I also believe if we are meant to have anything more then the universe will bring us together again when the time is right.I guess you just have to make the decision to let him go for his sake and stand strong to the man you love. Remember that there are many types of love and not all are what you might think. I have decided with my friend that if he loved me the way I would want then he would not want to create confusion in my life.His is a selfish love and not what I would want to settle with in my life.It is a decision to talk to him over and over...a decision only you can make. Lotsa love from Canada!

    I imagine that you put yourself through it because you still have lessons to learn.. according to your own desires. When you learn, you stop desiring it.

    move away. far away. he's irresponsible.


    LOL i cant do that but thanks just blamimmng him

    once bitten twice shy drop the numpty

    nah move on it's on u girl

    if he had any loyalty he would not be putting you through this,you have got to move on for the sake of yourself and your children, he has no sence of morals if he does this to you and his own gf,it's time to get a life and move on.


    do u think i be asking if i could move on.

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