How do you fit sink waste pipe to ceremic sink

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    Go to any hardware store or hardware department and pick what is called a kitchen sink basket drain, and a small plastic container of what is called plumbers putty. Unscrew the big locking ring that goes under the sink and remove the rubber washer (gasket) which will also go under the sink. Take some putty and roll it into a long string that will go under the flange between the basket and the sink itself. Press it flat into within 1/8' thickness around the botom of the flange, so that it seats close to it final position. Drop the basket down through the drain hole and push down evenly until some putty squeezes out from under flange. Go under sink and slide rubber washer over threaded area, and then re-install locking ring by tightening by hand. This will further squeeze putty from under flange surface. Important to tighten locking ring enough so that unit is stable, but not so tight that it squeezes all the putty out, or risks cracking the plastic fixture or parts. Now just go back to the top side of the sink with a somewhat clean rag and wipe off the excess putty, pushing the rag down with your index finger to get as close to the flange edge and sink as possible. Sometimes you have to be careful in that the rubber gasket hangs up on the threads and wrongly leads you to believe it is flush to the bottom surface of the sink. If the gasket did get hung up on the threads, just take a putty knife and gently nudge gasket over the threads. Then just connect your pipe. Always check for leaks before assuming the job is done, by filling sink with an inch or so of water.

    If this is a new sink, it is easier to do before setting sink in counter openning.

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