How can you make your 18 yr old son make better choices in his life and friends..his teacher wants to keep him in public high school for another 3 years(joke) so he can mature, stop dabbling where he shouldn't start enjoying his life and family..grrrr

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    guide him, love him..make him accountable when he makes a food of himself..or you. pray to all the Gods he figure out this wonderful gift alled llife..

    Are you talking to yourself? LOL

    LMao Colleen :)
    If you have not got a responsible 18 year old you should take a good hard look at your coaching techniques for rearing children.

    I told a woman once who complained her 14 yr old was going off the rails saying "he is not going off the rails because he was never on them in the first place"
    You have the name CW and say you are talking to CW's son. I think you should just call yourself or CW or whoever and play there, not here.
    Hell, I know fifty year old men that still haven't grown up. Most times talking to an 18 year old is is as productive as talking to a hamster. Maturity takes time. Some require more time than others.
    You cannot make any of these dicisions for an 18 yrs old male or female... Aside from moving you are going to have to play the waiting game and he will see the light. But you cant clean up his messes or pay for his mistakes... Let him stand on his own to feet for a while. (gas, food, clothes... ect) Good luck... PS me and my husband became responcible adults when we had to look after one another. It was out of nessacity.
    ConFusion ( :S )
    I think you just answered yourself , great for you :)
    no i'm talking to CW's son. you talkin' to yourself LOL cuz you bring nothing to the table bib LOL (lollies}

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