Everyone thinks taxes are stupid............ well guess what? the gov. does taxes because of the army!! ya, thats right people are actually complaining about giving money to the military! well that is not cool because people are risking their lives for our country!

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    Income tax was created to help fund our part in WWII. Income tax is not upheld by the US Constitution. Income tax was meant to be temporary yet it is still here. It's an illegal robbing of America citizens by the US government. The government spends billions of dollars on their own agendas and their own schemes. The military is paid crap wages because the government steals even from them. I feel they should be paid a lot more than they get for defending this country. You sound young sugar and spice, I suggest you do a little research on where the bulk of tax money actually goes as it's NOT to the military. Someday you too will be paying mad taxes and I hope someone is standing there telling you not to complain when you do complain about the amount you have to pay.
    Without getting into specifics, taxes are a necessary evil. Roads, schools, military, etc;
    I don't think most people object to taxes, they object to the way their money is wasted by the government. I'm sure a very large percent of taxpayers would not want the military to be shortchanged on funding.

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