I have learned, tonight, to value the ring finger on my left hand...and, no I didn't get married!!

    I was minding my own business, cutting onions when all of a sudden I felt a pain in my finger! I had sliced into the top! It is quite challenging to type, wash anything, grab anything...etc!

    Tell us something that caused you to value something, someone,etc. It can be minute, like this one, or very profound. I love to hear how things influence people!

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    Good to know your finger wasn't like the onion. LoL!!!

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    I value my grand daughter(step),we don't use that word around here.I met my wife in 1988 and she had a daughter who was nine years old at the time,it was a joy watching and helping her grow (we became very close),when she got out on her own i became depressed thinking my good days were behind me(i did'nt think my (step daughter would have kids,she did'nt seem the type).Then in 1998 the very same year i was going to call it a day here comes this bundle of joy named Alexis,and 13 years later we are the best of friends,she knows to call papa for anything that she may need.What she does'nt know is how she saved my life so many years ago,i have never told anyone that story until now.

    Wow! ClevelandRick...that is something! Not a wonder she is so special to you! I wonder if you will tell her when she is older? Precious "bundle of joy" I'm sure!

    I was just talking to someone who also doesn't use the word (step)! Nice that she is your daughter and Alexis is your grand daughter! No doubt they have felt that you have not put that distinction on them!

    Take care!
    iwas with my wife for seven years before we got married.we dated off and on for quite a while. we both decided to take a break ,which turned out much longer than antisipated. in fact we almost didnt get married, i finally smartend up and realized just how much i love and miss her. i called and made a date and proposed to her.. i feel as if i waited any longer i would have lost the one of the greatest thing that happened to me.. still together going on 32 years and we dont even have kids, i guess we reall do love another

    That is so precious Daren! I love stories of true love! I have some good friends that don't have children either and love each other and are so cute together! I love to be around them because you know they are together because they love to! That's great that you didn't let her get away!

    P.S. I tried to TU, but have run out! I will as soon as I can!!

    no reason for a thumbs up.. if antthing my wife deserveas the thumbs up

    Aw... you are so sweet, giving her the credit! It would seem to me that you both have a great spouse!!
    My "dad" (step dad#2)told my mom that she had no right to complian about the way the step dadI had growning up treated her... she should be more concerned about the way he treated me. That was the first time I felt a fathers love.

    That must have been such a special moment! No wonder you call him Dad! He was one through his love and care!

    How are ya? I've been away for a few days!

    i am not as good as I should be... I have been under alot of stress.. It has caused me to have my seizures. (partial focal.. not grand maul)... But hings are going to get better. It is just a trying time right now.. But My hubby and kids are so amazing to me.

    Oh dear, Jenn! That's so too bad! Hope it will soon pass! Life can get a bit crazy at times! Hang in there friend!

    How are you doing friend?

    I ma wonderful.. I am always wonderful.. Life is sometimes hard But Iam always great!

    Good! You obviously have a great attitude!
    I have a joke one that might be PG-14, so I'll keep this to myself for now...

    I was working on a cattle ranch, I borrowed my friends extremely sharp pocket knife to cut the plastic netting of the giant circular bails of hay. Well I wasn't paying attention, it was early and I hadn't had my coffee yet. The knife got snagged on the plastic net and came down and hit my index finger, cutting it to the bone.

    I went to the local hospital they glued it back together, instead of stitching it. A few days later I noticed my finger started to smell a little strange, and the coloring was going yellowish, so I went to a city hospital. They kept me in there for a week to get rid of the infection and save my finger.

    I suppose I re-learned to respect sharp tools, and valued my digits a little more after that.

    It's sure a good thing that you aren't the type to ignore things like that! Thanks for the story...I cannot imagine cutting it that deep! Yikes!

    Sure no problem, It happened so fast there was no way I could stop it and I knew it was going to be bad. I just grabbed a shirt wrapped up my finger, elevated, and put pressure on it and drove myself to the hospital. I used my knees to drive most of the way, until the bleeding stopped or slowed down.


    Oh my... I can't imagine!!
    I get a real buzz when one of my children says "love you"
    I get a real buzz when one of my grandchildren told her mother over a broken item " don`t worry mummy grandad has his special glue in his garage that he will fix it with"

    I am a step dad and My son (step) has put his arms around me and said" I would not be the person I am without your help" He was 47 when he did this.

    Just reread this. Must be such a special feeling to hear something like that! So sweet!
    I wish I knew more about my family's relatives, the ones that were long gone when I was born. My Mom and Grandmother used to talk about them but I don't really remember much. I wish now that I had paid more attention to them. They carried the knowledge of the ancesters with them to their graves and I'll never be able to recover it as I have no other family.

    Have you tried the Ancestery site 6dogs? So far I have got back to the 1700s

    Yes I checked it out, but I can't spend money on that right now. Maybe later on. It's not so much wanting to know the names, they always had stories to tell about so and so and what they did that was funny. You know, family stories. I miss that.
    Thank you folks! It is so special to hear things that are inspiring or touching!

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