Husband is a cop and has a restraining order against me but is trying to have contact with me.

    He is using this RO in order to keep custody of our child. He said he would drop it til his lawyer told him if he did the court would give back custody to me. Then he had it extended. The judge ordered him to stay in his car when he dropped off our child and for me to stay in the house. I stay in the house but he from the day of this order will get out of his car and demand to speak to me. He will look into my home through the window and call for me, demanding that I speak to him and I have to go hide in my room. He calls me, text me, calls my son demanding to speak to me, as well as texting my son in order to speak to me. He is intimidating me. I feel trapped in my home and dont trust the police because they have harrassed me as well. My child who is young is getting upset and confused. He is upsetting the child at hand. How can he get away with this

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    Hi, I have the contact number for that site: Contact number: 512-291-5750

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    Get a restraining order on him. Have someone meet him down the street to get your daughter and bring her to the house. Contact his Captain and let him know what's going on. If that does not work, contact your State Trooper unit. They are higher than the police dept. and can tell the police dept what to do. They can set your husband in his place if his boss won't.
    Contact the site I told you about before: If you have any kind of police brutality, tell them. Try moving to an apartment on the fourth floor. He can't look through the windows then. Can you not see a lawyer?

    Have informed my lawyer and they informed his. All that has been done was his lawyer telling him to stop it. Slap on the wrist for him / slap in the face for me. And I did go on that website and got a bit confused. ??????????

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