what rank is next above sargeant major in australian army

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    Correction to my last post;
    After talking to an old friend.
    SM is the same rank as WO
    Wo is not actually rank but an appointment.
    I think I'm only making it worse!!!
    As far as I know the ranks of SM & staff seatgeant no longer exist in the Oz army.Don't quote me.It's been many years since......

    thankyou for this...grannie des
    Warrant officer class 2

    oh i was under the impression that to be a s.m. one was already a w.o...i guess they are warrant officer 1 as well as s.m. and then rise above s.m. when they are w.o.2.....have i got that right tommyh
    Sergeant Major is NOT a rank it is an appoinment.
    A Warrant Officer class 2 (WO2) is a rank next above Sergeant. A WO2 can be posted as a Company Sergeant Major,(CSM) Troop Sergeant major(TSM) depending on the Corps Infantry Artillery Armoured etc.

    A Warrant Officer Class 1 again is a rank, next up from WO2.
    A WO1 can be posted as a Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) Battery Sergeant Major (BSM) {Artillery}

    The next rank above WO1 is the first commisioned rank of 2nd Lieutenant

    The RSM is the most feared and respected position in the Australian army as far as all other ranks (ORs) are concerned> And I might add, many of the lower ranked commissioned officers.

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