how do i input medical information into a smart medical bracelet?

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    Have no idea if you are talking about the engraved Medical Alert bracelets, which get engraved with info directly from the manufacturer or this other bracelet (info found on internet from 2005):

    Much like military ‘dog tags’, the basic principle of a medical bracelet is identification. Claire Dunne, who hails from London, England has found a way to make that identification tool even more useful: it will help save lives (and malpractice lawsuits) by preventing medication errors.

    The idea is simple yet, brilliant! The bracelet knows what you should be taking and when, and will only unlock your special pill bottles when it’s time. Other than not allowing the meds to be administered, it is unclear what else the device does- maybe it also electro-shocks the misbehaving patients…

    Claire’s university project turned into a medical innovation and won her a prize in the Reliance Awards for Innovation and Enterprise when presented at the Brunel Design Show in 2005. A prototype has been tested successfully, and I am sure this is one innovation that will eventually make it to market.

    No idea what the cost would be, but it would definitely be more than what it would cost not to make!

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