how do you make hashish

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    I agree with Vinny. Have all your mail redirected and remember there are no computers in prison. Well, I hope not.

    I can't understand you stupid idiots wanting to smoke pot or anything else. You'll spoil your brains and you'll end up a good-for-nothing idiot. And, if you are male, it will spoil your sex-life too. Haa, ha.
    ed shank

    Prison do have computers. Many telemarketing firms hire prisons to do marketing calls. The next call you get to buy an extended appliance warranty is probably from some psycho in the can.

    Really? I suppose he can be happy. He won't have to pay for the internet.

    He probably doesn't pay for the internet now, he probably hacked and is stealing it from his neighbor
    Go to the local police dept. ask them they know Just bring a tootbrush..
    don't you mean hash browns
    On a hot sultry day, you and a hundred of your friends run naked through a 500 acre hemp field that is in full bloom. When you return to the starting place you scrape the tar and pollen off your bodies and form the mass into bricks for sale as Hashish. Repeat the process often.

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