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    I have a gooey light yellow fungus, I think, just showed up in my yard. The area it appesred in is where I cut down a tree about 2 years ago.

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    Was the tree an evergreen or an elm? Could be the decomposing root system is changing the chemistry of the soil under the grass. In that case, the grass is not getting the right ph from the soil. I have the same problem. You can either pay a ground crew a lot of money to fix the problem, or do it yourself for next to nothing by getting some lime and spreading it over the grass that is yellowing. It is a very easy and cheap fix which is why people like "Fill in the blank - Green Lawn Service" wants your business. They may give you a song and dance about special fertilizers only they have, but essentially it is not nitrogen, but lime that does the trick. Give it a try and within a week you should see greener grass. When it works, or if it does not work, I'd appreciate getting a progress report. Thanks

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