Is pulling apart the hairs on a split end bad for your hair?

    I have a friend who has split ends, and during class, or whenever she gets bored, she'll pull the ends apart. Is this bad for her hair?

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    Telll her it will just make the split ends go even further up the hair shafts and make it worse! (:
    I wish I had split ends. I would then split them fully and this would double the number of hairs on my head. Probible would have nearly 100
    She'll ruin her hair.
    But if you pull the split ends apart wouldn't it look like a fuller head of hair??
    Pulling the split ends apart will not fix the issue. Once your hair splits the dryness gets inside the hair shaft and just continues upwards, breaking and spreading until it is actually trimmed off. Thats why when people don't go in regularly for a trim thinking they are growing their hair, always tell me their hair grows so breaks as it grows. Thanks Yvonne57 for referring me;)
    MOM should know this answer since she has a salon. I was always told it's bad for your hair. Sounds like she needs a good cut to get rid of them splits.
    natural split ends are bad enough, to fix anything like whats going to happen to her, she would have to shave her head bald and start all over.......wig time.
    Tell her to do like my first ex "Put mayo on her hair real saturatedly leave in approx. 1 hr then before washing twist strands of hair an very carefully take a lighter (bic) careen the lighter up/down tis burning only the splits wait 30 mins. then wash". When she was finished no more splits and yes, she did have all her hair still and it made it shiny/beautiful hair.

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