5. What was the principal religious issue in America during the 1960 presidential campaign?

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    Looks like a homework question since it's numbered. Try google. Type in religious issue presidential campaign 1960. Then read.

    We do not do homework here.
    Think, who was running for president then........
    LOL, no worries digger. We just do our best to have these kids use their own brains. Sometimes I give them hints like Randy did. Other times I might ask them to come up with what they think is the answer and I'll let them know if it's right or wrong. At least that way they try to use their brain ; )
    Uh digger, we were waiting for Keev to do his own homework. ; )
    Sorry Colleen, I only read the other replies after I posted. Wasn't quick enough to catch the "5" header.

    Hey Keev ! Teachers use the internet too.I have forwarded my response to your teacher just in case.
    Catholicism. JFK was the first Roman Catholic to run for the American Presidency. Concerns over its' potential influence on his decision-making emerged. Separation between religion and politics is a practice that occurs when candidates of minority faith denominations run for office.

    Today, Catholicism is totally acceptable. Islamic candidates would encounter the same resistance that the Catholic one did in 1960.

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