ADOPTION:- Can you give me an Idea of the estimated cost and the Proceedure`s for adopton from outside the UK ... (ie) From the Philippines of two (2) late teenage (18 and 19) Girls ?

    I have meet and fallen In Love with a Philippino woman and have just returned from there. Now I have meet the whole family, I wish to Adopt my Fiancee`s two Daughters to make my Future wifes family complete- here in the UK

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    Surely at age 18,19 these girls are adults and should make their own application to enter UK.
    Are you sure you are not importing them for 'other' reasons?

    'other' reasons ? LMao

    Girls age 18, 19, surely I don't need to spell it out do I ?
    Don't know about the UK but here in the US they would be considered adults. They would have to wait until their mother became a citizen, and then she could petition them (which is also a long process).
    They are too old to adopt... I think they would be able to change their name are the are citzens of UK. But they will have to file thier own petition. It does sound strange that you would want to adopt an 18 and 19 year old girl.

    Ah Jenn. It is a tough life for anyone in the Philippines unless the family has a lot of money. My wife and I are going through a long tedious process to get her son and his family out of there (and he is well educated but has little future).

    I understand all to well. My sister in law is Phillipino... She and my brother were never able to get her mom to the states... She died in a very sad inpoverished state with no medical care. But as we have found out there are no short cut to naturalization.

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