What time is it now?

    What time is it in everyone's objective reality? It is us alone and it is always now, isn't it?

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    Time is something i waste on this

    I guess time is relative all relative. Sometimes it is excruiting and sometimes not so.......


    Inside my mind, time is simply a convenient way to organize my own reality. But time is not fluid, because as I think about things, I begin reliving my own versions of past realities . The Doctor is correct, Time And Relative Dimensions In Space (TARDIS - Doctor Who), we've all got our own TARDIS right inside that thing we call the cranium - the mind. What time is it? Depends on when, where, who, why, and in what way you ask... But my time is mine, and yours is yours. When I'm having fun- time flies. When I'm sad, it stalls. It's all relative to my own reality.


    well.... I get the key part of TARDIS is TARD. Bc that was a dumb answer.

    You're absolutely right, time is fluid and passes according to everyone's belief system. It always has.

    yes you are right

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