I need to know what to do for my printer to stop jamming up. It pulls to the right. I have checked it all out and tried cleaning down inside but still does it and can't print. I have a Dell v305 Scanner/ printer. Thank you.

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    Look at the "pick-up" rollers that pull the paper into the printer. They must pull evenly, so you would be looking for something causing the left side to be pulling harder. There is also a devise that separates the top sheet from the second sheet in the stack ... it is usually at the lead corners of the paper. Do they look normal? Try forcing a heavier (card stock) sheet through the paper path to see if you have missed some obstruction.
    Try contacting Dell directly. If that doesn't work out - it might be time for a new printer, they aren't too terribly well made any more.
    I have one too. Try adding a few drops of oil on the rollers . wait 30 minutes and try again.

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