to you who are the most beautiful actress's in Hollywood classic present day you may make a list their are so many here a few of I like.classic1. Gene Tierney 2. Lauren Bacall 3. Jean Simmons. today 1.Kate Winslet 2. Liv Tyler 3.Sandra Bullock

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    Whovin I was sopose to be Lauren Bacall look a like not that I could see it but everyone said I look like her

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    old days 1. mae West 2. betty grable 3. vivien Leigh
    new now 1. Hallie berry 2. catherene z. jones 3. kate winslet

    Liv Tyler has a face I just love. She is the daughter of Steven Tyler.

    Dax Shepherd is another one of those with the soft, sweet, totally alert faces. (Can’t think of her name)

    Julianne Hough - Beautiful dancer -- another face I like. Alert. Soft. Sweet. She was Ryan Seecrest’s love I hope they go back together. 

    Kim Kardashian -- NOT I just put her name there because I read that someone thinks she’s the new Elizabeth Taylor.

    I actually think Elizabeth Taylor was the most beautiful. Nobody looks like her. There will never be another one. 

    Marilyn Monroe was another beauty.

    Time for some pictures, whovin?

    Good choice's for classic and new:) a few photos of Gene Tierney and Lauren Bacall 2 Beautiful classy ladies of Hollywood""""""""""""

    Sharon Stone, Suzzanne Somers, Linda Evans, (cannot think of some names of others which I could add)  The sultry blond in Heat of the Night? 

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