what's the best way to comment on a comment/answer or thank someone for their thumbs up?

    just in case I have missed anyone - thank you for your thumbs ups and comments.


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    3 Answers

    Beside "comment this answer" you should see "thank author" click on it :-)
    Nice question thumbs up, sometimes after I give someone a thumbs up I either leave a comment or a new answer to add to the thumbs up. Other times just a thumbs up or a thank you.
    Good question. TU to you. I sometimes find it difficult to respond to a comment, knowing that person will not get a notification of my response (especially if the question is a "fast mover" and doesn't stay around long). I've thought there should be a way to respond directly, but then there would be so much side chatter that it would be a distraction.
    Anyway ... I also send thanks to those I've missed.

    Flip - did I give you a thumbs up then take it away - if I did I am so sorry. Let me try this again.


    No problem. I don't much concern myself with Karma ... then again, I guess I'd be a little upset if I was always given negative karma, :o)

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