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    If fossil fuels are used to produce electricity for electric cars then what is the advantage of these cars as related to our environment?

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    The advantage  the say, is, no more so much polution.

    To understand the advantage of electric cars over gas-guzzlers you need to take into account how the electricity is produced, the overall cost of production to the environment, the producer, the end product user and the recycler. The issue is complex and loaded with problems. Simplifying the problem to a "beans in the can” approach…”A" better in respect to (issue) than “B"…the bean goes to “A” etc…This method doesn’t work due to the number of unpredictable elements involved. We are all going on blind faith and greed with this. It is a general rule of all complex systems that the simple systems out last more complicated systems at the same task. If your goal is to get to your job each day do you need a Monster Truck or a Moped to get there? Obviously a lot of what we see on the road has to do with ego-appeasment more than sensibility.    

    hydro, nuclear, solar, clean coal and wind also can make electicity.

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